Goadome the winter of get ready


空港降りたら、空港職員の足元からオーラが漂っていた ! 一声何処で買ったの〜と聞き、成る程と...

実物を見に店へ出陣、色々な色が並んでる、全てパーフェクト !!

こんな衝撃連発な出来事が起きた1日、空港職員で驚き、街の殆どの人が履いてる...店にはガッツリ陳列 !!
そんなブツが日本ではゼロに等しい販売で、誰も履いていない日本、自分で履いてニヤニヤしてたぜ !!

Once you get off the airport, it had been good from the kicks of the airport staff! Cry is heard - and of bought in where, with enough to made, first is raising the companion of journey, always of the every time of straight to the Queens near the airport,Since the good kind also went into the hand, the next starting go the fit with Kicks that...

Parking and arrived in Queens, the feet of people walking on the sidewalk almost Allais
The kick-off to the store to see the real thing, which is lined with a variety of colors, all perfect !!

Day event that this impact barrage has occurred, and surprise at the airport staff, most of the people is high are... shop of the city smash display !!Such hard spots in the sales equal , nobody Japan not , was grinning to wear on their own !!

Nike Air Max Goadome
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